Lunch Entrees

Todays special: Fresh garden Greens and local grilled Trout $8.99

grilled rainbow trout with organic tomato and parsley
grilled rainbow trout with organic tomato and parsley


Tiny Carrots steamed to perfection and fresh free range chicken $7.99

carrots and chicken






Fresh Spinach salad with vinegar and raspberry vinaigrette dressing with baked chicken. Choice of freshly baked wheat rolls. $7.99


Organic local greens, grated carrots, red cabbage, red bell pepper, red onion, tomato and cucumber.

Mountain Burrito’s Spicy Chicken and onion, black beans, brown rice and spinach. $6.95






Scrambled eggs with chives added with fruit of the day as a side. $6.99scrambled-eggs



Sandwiches $8.99



Open faced sandwiches are served with a house-made dill pickle, and side salad.

Gluten free Whole wheat bread/buns (made daily in our ovens) sprouts, lettuce.

Choice of  toppings lettuce, tomato, bacon, fried egg, dill.

Grilled Chicken fresh free range


Fish Grilled Catfish, Trout, Egg Salad (homemade mayonnaise and our very own canned pickles.

Grilled Tofu

Drinks $2.50 free refills

Spearmint, chocolate or orange flavored iced/hot tea. Mints are grown in our own organic garden.